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Your Business Starter Kit

Start your business for just $49.95! Kit includes Quick Start and Product Reference Guides & a Shaklee's gift! In first 90 days: 30% off Business Boosters and your FREE Shaklee online store.

Soldier and Family Reunion

Veterans Join FREE as Distributors

The $49.95 Business Starter Kit fee is waived to honor you for your service to our country. Thank you!!!

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Bank Your Shipping Dollars by the 15th

Placing a 100 PV Loyalty Order by the 15th will turn your shipping $s into Loyalty Points & earn you Rewards. To be Bonus Check eligible, you need 250 PV, w/100 PV of it being personal.

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Business Booster Bundles - 30% off in 1st 90 days

For your 1st 90 days, new Distributors can enjoy 30% off retail on these booster packs. Strengthen your health &/or resell products at retail. To order, begin w/a Business Starter Kit above.



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FREE Healthy Cleanse & FREE Shipping

With a Prove It Challenge™ Kit, you get a FREE 7-Day Healthy Cleanse ($48.45 retail), FREE Membership ($19.95 savings) & FREE SHIPPING ($12+ savings) on your entire order!

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Give Back to Nature

One Kit = One Tree! Shaklee plants ONE TREE when you purchase a GET CLEAN® Starter Kit! This Kit replaces $3,400 of traditional cleaners! Improve your home environment and health!


2 FREE Facial Masks

Get 2 FREE YOUTH® Masks ($60.60 retail) with the purchase of a YOUTH® Advanced Regimen or Personalized Regimen Set. See YOUTH® Selection Guide.

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Happy Birthday!

Shaklee will send you a Birthday Gift with your Loyalty Order in your birthday month! Add your bday to your Shaklee Member Center > Profile.

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Up to $100 in FREE products!

Changing brands really pays off! Set up an adjustable $100 monthly Loyalty Order & earn 5-15% back. Maintain your order and earn up to 15% back by month 7! $100/mo=max redemption!



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A) Share Shaklee Products & Earn

As you share the gift of Shaklee (health products & business opportunity), you can earn extra income as you sponsor others. See *2019 Average Income Summary below.

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B) Pursue the Business Builder Path

With this level, you can earn to get your product costs covered plus earn extra income to fund other areas of life. How would that impact your monthly budget? See *2019 Summary below.

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C) Pursue the Executives & Masters Path

Want to build an organization? Qualification required. 97% pursue the biz casually. About 3% make significant income. I'm going for it! Who wants to join me? See *2019 Summary below.

Rustic Beach Path

*2019 Avg Income Summary - reported 1099s

Network Marketing is an amazing business model-- open to all! Those who understand the process, have patience, and develop necessary skills have the most success. Income by Rank.


12 Ways to Earn

how to make money in network marketing

1) Personal Group Bonuses

Earn a tiered % in commissions from your group's monthly sales volume. Higher volume = higher %. Place a 100 PV Loyalty Order by the 15th for eligibility. See top left corner of Dream Plan chart.

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2) Star Club Bonus

Earn $25-$100 when you sponsor new Members or Distributors with a Meology™ Prove It Challenge™ or Prove It Challenge™. No sponsoring or bonus limit. Other $150 orders earn a $25 Bonus!

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3) Pace Setter Initiative

Distributors! Shaklee has set you up for early success! Earn up to an extra $500 by growing your business with new sponsorships and monthly activity. See how this works, plus a video explanation.

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4) Loyalty Bonus Program

Earn an extra $50-$1500 EVERY MONTH as you develop your organization's stability and build depth with a duplicating team of new Distributors. Learn how it works here.


5) VIP Status and Recognition Program

Shaklee will shower you with an exclusive VIP Experience that includes rewards and gifts for growing your business. Pretty cool benefits as you pursue your goals! 

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6) New Directors Conference in CA

Achieve the 1st Business Leader rank & Shaklee will typically fly you and your spouse out to the Shaklee Home Office. You will meet other Directors, receive training and be wined and dined!


7) Star Club Incentive Trip 2022 - Playa Mujeres

All Distributors can earn this all expense-paid luxury trip for two to the Mexican Carribean! Achieve the rank of Director and earn business building points for this phenomenal trip, Shaklee style!

Clothes Line

8) Stay tuned for 2022's Yearly Incentive!

2021's Program: Earn an extra $500 - $21,000 by achieving rank levels & maintaining the rank for 3 months. Progressively achieve higher ranks to earn higher bonus level cash prizes!

Car Keys

9) Car Bonus Program

With Shaklee, you can earn 5 new FREE cars over 15 years! Achieve Sr. Director with 5000 Car Volume and begin receiving an extra monthly bonus: 3 years of payments for a new car!

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10) & 11) Leadership & Infinity Bonuses

Faithfully coach your team to duplicate generationally. I'll train & coach you & your team. Shaklee's patented comp plan, the Dream Plan, allows you to earn infinity levels deep!

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12) International Top Achievers Trip

Key Coordinators and above will earn 7 days of wining, dining and sun-shining in glamorous Australia—from breathtakingly Sydney to an island resort, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef!

Accounting Documents

13) Incredible Tax Benefits with a home biz!

See My Bookshelf for resources to learn about tax benefits for home business owners. They are incredible! It starts with keeping good records!


Not a Distributor?

Get ready to enjoy these benefits!