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The Best of Nature and the Best of Science


Our family has experienced great results because Shaklee products

are based on thorough research. They really work.

Every product has none of those undesirables:

artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, and binders!

What you put IN & ON your body, and what you use to clean your home



Our all-natural electrolyte drink is only $1.03 per serving! Performance Hydrate. Both flavors are yummy!


Trade your coffee for this healthy pick me up. $1.03 each.


Olympians train harder and more frequently with Recovery Complex. After a 6-7 mile run, my husband didn't feel sore the next day! $1.03 per serving.

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Our all-natural electrolyte drink is only $1.03 per serving! Performance Hydrate. Both flavors are yummy!


Trade your coffee for this healthy pick me up. $1.03 each.


Olympians train harder and more frequently with Recovery Complex. After a 6-7 mile run, my husband didn't feel sore the next day! $1.03 per serving.

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Our all-natural electrolyte drink is only $1.03 per serving! Performance Hydrate. Both flavors are yummy!


Trade your coffee for this healthy pick me up. $1.03 each.


Olympians train harder and more frequently with Recovery Complex. After a 6-7 mile run, my husband didn't feel sore the next day! $1.03 per serving.

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Our all-natural electrolyte drink is only $1.03 per serving! Performance Hydrate. Both flavors are yummy!


Trade your coffee for this healthy pick me up. $1.03 each.


Olympians train harder and more frequently with Recovery Complex. After a 6-7 mile run, my husband didn't feel sore the next day! $1.03 per serving.

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Our all-natural electrolyte drink is only $1.03 per serving! Performance Hydrate. Both flavors are yummy!


Trade your coffee for this healthy pick me up. $1.03 each.


Olympians train harder and more frequently with Recovery Complex. After a 6-7 mile run, my husband didn't feel sore the next day! $1.03 per serving.






You'll love Shaklee's 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Please note that most Shaklee products are in bulk, like at a warehouse. To compare apples with apples, look at the cost per serving, e.g. Performance® (our electrolyte drink) is $1.21/serving (Retail) or $1.03/serving (Member pricing). As you look into it, you'll learn why our Olympians train and compete with Performance® and nothing else. So in a sense, it's not apples to apples...




SPOILER ALERT:  The FDA does not screen nutritional products before they are sold in stores/online.

Before I met Shaklee, I assumed that the FDA screened products, both household cleaners and nutritional supplements. Sadly, I was wrong.

The FDA corrected my assumptions!

FDA: "Dietary supplements, in general, are not FDA-approved. Under the law (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994), dietary supplement firms do not need FDA approval prior to marketing their products. It is the company’s responsibility to make sure its products are safe and that any claims are true...Just because you see a supplement product on a store shelf does NOT mean it is safe or effective. When safety issues are suspected, FDA must investigate and, when warranted, take steps to have the product removed from the market. However, it is much easier for a firm to get a product on the market than it is for FDA to take a product off the market."

Consumer Reports reported about a study of the top protein powder brands in 2010 & in 2018. Unfortunately, between those two studies, not much had changed. Arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and BPA were found in these top selling brands! Yikes! It makes me wonder about the role of contaminated foods as the source of certain problems people face. Read up on the health impact of heavy metals and BPA...

What if you found a company that produces products with pharmaceutical-grade purity standards? Shaklee products are amazing because Shaklee screens every botanical ingredient for 350 contaminants and has scientific data that testifies to efficacy--with over 100+ worldwide patents and 140+ clinical studies. When you shop at Shaklee, you know you are using what is safe for you, your family, & the planet!


And if you're a penny pincher like me, I'll show you how you can save so much with Shaklee's Loyalty Rewards Program! Changing brands to Shaklee might very well change your life like it has mine!

Shaklee takes PURITY and SAFETY really seriously. They take products off the market when raw materials don't meet their super-high, purity standards! That's because Shaklee has the Golden Rule built into its operating principles. The Shaklee Difference® is why I trust Shaklee for my family's needs....Learn more about it below!



Shaklee products are SAFE

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When Shaklee was owned by a Japanese pharmaceutical company in the early 2000s, this was really significant in Shaklee's history. In Japan (unlike how it is in the U.S.), ALL nutrition supplements are regulated by the Japanese government. At that time, all Shaklee products were brought to pharmaceutical-grade standards!

In 2004 Roger Barnett bought Shaklee. Since then, his leadership has really set Shaklee apart in the health and wellness industry. Shaklee's purity standards are even higher than pharmaceutical grade standards. In fact, Shaklee has 3x higher standards than the U.S. Pharmacopeia! We call this Beyond Organic. Let me explain...

Every raw ingredient used in Shaklee products is first tested for over 350 substances that you don't want in your products. This includes contaminants, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, PCBs, toxins, evidence of irradiation, chemicals, residues, and the list goes on.

If that wasn't enough, our YOUTH anti-aging skincare line is even more stringent. In addition to the 350 substances that are screened for in all Shaklee products, our YOUTH skincare has a banned list of 2,500 ingredients that will never be found in our skincare line!

Why? Because Shaklee's meticulous attention to science and the details equals valuing SAFETY, YOUR SAFETY.

Dr. Shaklee's philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature™ and having the best that science can offer guides all of what Shaklee produces. (Our scientists take Shaklee supplements, too!)

Our products undergo 100,000 quality tests every year, which not only include the screening of raw ingredients, but also testing that takes place pre-production, mid-production, and post-production. This kind of detailed scrutiny is ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF in this industry because of the high costs involved to add that to a company's process! But at Shaklee, the details matter because YOU MATTER. This is why my family and I've been using Shaklee since 2007!

Shaklee's quality standards go beyond how and where an ingredient is grown. When something is certified "ORGANIC," this means that banned substances were not applied on the farm for 3 years prior to harvest. Shaklee does far more than this. We look to confirm the purity and potency of ingredients AFTER harvest. Shaklee guarantees that the final finished product is free of hundreds and hundreds of chemical contaminants and harmful substances. Organic is not enough at Shaklee. BEYOND ORGANIC is the Shaklee standard.

Two examples demonstrate this:

To create Shaklee's Organic Greens Booster, Shaklee scientists had a difficult time sourcing a farm that could meet such high purity standards. Why? Because inherently, green leafy veggies are wonderful bio-filters for contaminants (meaning: biologically and naturally, they catch contaminants super well). It took Shaklee 18 months to find their ideal farm. Countless ORGANIC farms failed to meet Shaklee's crazy high standards. I love this product to add ot my Life Shake™ because it's hard to get enough greens in my diet each day!

Panax ginseng is an energy and vitality ingredient that is imported from Asia. One year, there was widespread flooding in Asia in 1998, which damaged the world's panax ginseng crops. What could be salvaged was shipped across the ocean to America. Unfortunately, a carcinogenic fungicide was sprayed on the damp crop to slow decay during transit. Shaklee rejected what arrived because the fungicide was detected. It was an industry wide problem. Time Magazine featured an article called: The Ginseng Surprise. Shaklee immediately discontinued its 4th best selling product until a pure source of ginseng could be found. To our knowledge, we were the only company to do so discontinue selling ginseng that year. Millions of dollars of contaminated panax ginseng was very likely sold by Brand X, Y & Z that year. A year and a half later, Shaklee reintroduced this product once it could be sourced safely.

WARNING: The FDA does NOT screen products for safety PRIOR to it being sold on store shelves. That’s why I don’t use Brand X. Until 2007, I used to think that all vitamins and vitamin companies were equal. Once I learned about the FDA's relationship to the supplement industry, I concluded that the company I choose to buy from must have consumer safety inherent in its core values. The above Time magazine article addresses the problem that supplements have been shown to have: supplement contents don't always match the label. Agh! Unfortunately, this is not a unique problem of just one brand. It's a common problem.

The bottom line for my commitment to use and share Shaklee with others is the company's commitment to making the BEST QUALITY nutritional products that are safe, effective and trustworthy. Now that you know the details, you know why I say and believe this:

Change brands and use only Shaklee because it's BEYOND ORGANIC. Accept only the best for you and your family!

Shaklee products WORK

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When people FEEL better after switching to Shaklee, it's not by accident but by DESIGN. Shaklee has spent over $250 MILLION dollars in Research & Development. This is more than the top 10 leading nutraceutical companies COMBINED. Often, Shaklee will not be the first company to come out with a product. That's ok with me because I believe that before a new product innovation gets to the consumer, it should first undergo EXTENSIVE clinical study to prove its adherence to safety and efficacy standards.

The Shaklee Difference® is that GOLD standard.

Many companies have zero, 1, or maybe even 2 clinical studies backing their products. I have heard of only one company that has as many as 7 studies. Shaklee's products are based on 140+ clinical studies(!), with a significant number of those published in peer-reviewed medical journals and conducted by 3rd parties. Only Shaklee has this incredible breadth and depth of research backing their products.

My dear friend Madeline, who is in her 80s, told me that before taking Life Plan™ and Advanced Joint Health Complex, that she didn't have much energy and her joints were stiff. After switching brands, she said she is now walking 2 miles because her joints don't bother her anymore; she has way more mobility and fluid movement when she walks!

My friend Ruth Ann was taking Brand X iron and was repeatedly denied from donating blood because her iron levels were sub-par, twice. Then she took the Meology™ Prove It Challenge™, which had Shaklee's iron formula in her multi-vitamin. When she tried to donate again, she was told she could give a double unit with her more than adequate levels!

Olympic medals have been won by elite US athletes powered by Shaklee products--146 Olympic medals!!! Since Olympians are subject to strict, randomized blood testing, 24/7, Olympians trust Shaklee's commitment to purity and safety; for 42 years, Olympians have trusted Shaklee supplements and have passed the strictest of all anti-doping regulations--that's since 1979! Unfortunately, other athletes using using Brand X have been disqualified from participating in their hard-earned competitions due to unknowingly ingesting prohibited substances from contaminated Brand X supplements. I can't imagine!

Two Olympic teams, USA Judo and USA Shooting, have recently contracted with Shaklee as their Official Nutrition Consultant. This does not mean that Shaklee paid lots of money to have the Shaklee name on their jerseys, as other companies do for advertising. No, this means that Shaklee is supplying athletes with top nutritional support for optimal performance and working with individual Olympians to help them be their healthiest by meeting their hydration, energy, building, and recovery needs. 10% of the entire U.S. Olympic team relies upon Shaklee nutrition. How cool that we can fuel ourselves with the same products for our family's needs!

The Landmark Study was a 20-year longitudinal study conducted by U.C. Berkeley, which looked at the impact of nutrition and supplementation on long-term health outcomes. Shaklee users, over other brands, had the highest health outcomes. People who took Shaklee supplements for up to 50 years were tracked for 10 years after the study. They had healthier levels of many chronic, disease-related biomarkers including HDL cholesterol, homocysteine, and C-reactive protein. This study clinically revealed that over the long-term, Shaklee users had better cardiovascular health, better metabolic health, better brain health, lower levels of inflammation, higher levels of key nutrients such as Vit D, Folate, and Vit B12. Get this: at 60+ years, they had 83% lower medication usage! That is outstanding since medication usage really rises in that age bracket. After the Landmark Study, Shaklee produced the Vitalizing Plan, a monthly program of supplements and Life Shake™, based on the top 8 nutrients and protein which the healthiest in the Shaklee study population were taking. This is integral in the Prove It Challenge™ bundle! (Results from the Landmark II study are forthcoming!)

I was on the Vitalizing Plan for 6 years, and then got extensive blood work—12 pages of results. I learned that I have a genetic disposition for a specific heart disease. The registered dietician who evaluated my bloodwork asked me, "WHAT are you doing??? EVERYONE who has this biomarker has numbers in the RED ZONE...but all your other numbers are in the GREEN ZONE! Your bloodwork is in the top 1%! Keep it up. It's working!"

Take a look at our multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. Vita-Lea® is based on 7 clinical studies and is only $10-13 a month. This supplement is the foundation of our Prove It Challenge™ bundle.

I love Becky Cash's story of how Shaklee impacted her daughter's health. She's a certified naturopath and has a truly inspiring story about changed lives...

It is not uncommon to meet people who have been using Shaklee products for 30, 40, and even 50 years. Why such loyalty? The products WORK. For over 65 years, Shaklee's return rate has been less than 1/3 of 1%!

Do you want to feel BETTER? Take Vita-Lea®, Protein and OmegaGuard®!

Or better yet, start on a comprehensive program called the Prove It Challenge™. It includes Vitalizing Plan, plus some great freebies like FREE Membership, FREE shipping, and a FREE box of Healthy Cleanse!

You have nothing to lose. At Shaklee, we have an empty bottle, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try it and for any reason, if you're not satisfied, you can get your money back. Use up the whole bottle first and decide. What if it helped you actually feel BETTER like the rest of us?!?!

Invest in your longterm health TODAY! You won't regret it!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shaklee products are RISK FREE

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We believe in the safety and proven performance of all of our products. If you don't feel better or if you’re not satisfied with any of our products, you can send them back to us for a full refund, even if the container is empty. That’s the Shaklee Difference®. Feeling better is amazing. Feed your body with high-quality nutrition that not only impacts your today, but your tomorrows!

The Landmark Study by U.C. Berkeley gives clinical proof that Shaklee products give you a longer, healthier life!

Try our products for 30 days on a trial basis. What do you have to lose?

What if you actually could change your future health trajectory? Millions around the world trust Shaklee and have done so since 1956!

If you have any problems with an order or with an individual product, please contact me or your distributor and we can help you solve your situation. Just drop me a chat! 😃


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Dr. Shaklee created the very FIRST multivitamin in the U.S.!


Shaklee Corporation was founded based on Living in Harmony with Nature™. Shaklee was one of the first pioneers to reward regular people for sharing products they love.


Shaklee was the first in the world to get chemicals out of household cleaning products, by introducing biodegradable, non-toxic, super-concentrated Basic H®.


Shaklee created the world’s first plant-based protein isolate. All protein powders on the market have Shaklee's innovation as their foundation.


Shaklee introduced one of the first biodegradable laundry detergents in the world, free of phosphates, nitrates, and borates.


Shaklee introduced the first sustained-release delivery system for Vitamin C.


Shaklee created Performance® for the Daedalus Project, which powered Kanellopoulos across the Aegean (72 mi) in the first man-powered flight by cycling, the equivalent of 3 marathons.


Shaklee introduced the first phosphate-free automatic dishwashing detergent. Say NO to pumping chlorine bleach into your kitchen air!


Shaklee introduced our first nutrition-based skincare line, Enfuselle®, supported by 8 patents and $1 M in research & development. (YOUTH® is our new skincare line today).


Shaklee patented the first & only natural interferon-boosting immunity formula: Nutriferon®. Developed by Dr. Kojima, the co-discoverer of interferon, after 40 years of research!


Shaklee participated in U.C. Berkeley’s Landmark Study. Shaklee users had significantly healthier biomarkers than people who took no supplements for 20 years.


Shaklee introduced Vivix®, which is scientifically engineered to Slow Aging at the Cellular Level®.


Shaklee introduced MindWorks®, an amazing advancement in brain science. MindWorks® boosts mental sharpness & focus, and protects against age-related mental decline.


Shaklee introduced Meology™, the first customized supplement regimen based on highly sophisticated tech, which factors in a person’s goals, diet, lifestyle, family history, doc’s concerns, and more!